Services & Facilities

The MPI-CBG invests extensively in Services and Facilities to allow research scientists shared access to sophisticated and expensive technologies. The Institute also develops new technologies necessary to realize the research mission. All these features are open and available for IMPRS PhD students.

In addition, the spirit of sharing extends beyond our program. The DRESDEN-concept has united a number of institutional partners to develop synergies in research, education, infrastructure, and administration. 

The impressive portfolio of scientific instruments, services, and technologies available at MPI-CBG can be viewed at the Dresden Technology Portal, which is a joint database by the DRESDEN-concept partners.

Scientific Methodology & Expertise

Group Leader Research Fields Methodological & Technical Expertise
Jan Brugués Biophysics, Cell Biology, Systems Biology, Theoretical Biophysics

Fluorescence spinning disk microscopy • LC-Polscope (quantitative polarization microscopy) • Femto-second laser ablation • DIC microscopy • Xenopus Laevis extract preparation • Spindle assembly and biochemistry • Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy • Single molecule imaging • Mathematical modeling • Image processing • Numerical simulation and analysis

Michael Hiller

Bioinformatics, Genomics, Systems Biology

Computational biology • Bioinformatics

Alf Honigmann

Biophysics, Cell Biology

Super-Resolution Microscopy (STED, SMLM) •
Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy, Single Molecule Tracking • Membrane labelling (lipids and proteins) in vivo and in vitro • Micro-Patterning of Surfaces for Control of Cell Attachment, Signaling and Differentiation •
Reconstitution of Membrane Proteins in Model Membranes

Anthony Hyman

Cell Biology, Genomics, Biophysics

BAC recombineering • Single molecule microscopy • C.elegans transgenomics • Protein expression and purification

Frank Jülicher


Theory of active matter • Hydrodynamics, Continuum theories, discrete models • Stochastic processes • Numerical methods, simulation

Florian Jug

Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology

Graphical Models (Bayesian Networks/ Factor Graphs) • Deep Learning (Classification, Domain Adaptation, etc.) • Discrete Optimization • Efficient Algorithms • Software Design and Development

Elisabeth Knust

Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics

Drosophila genetics • Immunohistochemistry • laserscanning microscopy • in-vivo imaging of embryos • Electron microscopy • immuno-electronmicroscopy • Cell culture • Molecular biology and biochemistry

Moritz Kreysing

Biophysics, Cell Biology, Neurobiology

Custom tailored light microscopy • Wave optics and statistical optics • Laser micro-manipulation • Thermophoresis and diffusion systems • Animal and neuronal tissue dissection

Teymuras Kurzchalia

Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Lipidomics, Biochemistry

Isolation and purification of lipids from C. elegans • Lipid biochemical analysis (TLC, LC/MS, etc.) • Metabolic radio- and stable isotope labeling C. elegans for lipid/sterol/carbohydrate analysis • Genetic analysis of the dauer stage in C. elegans • Induction and analysis of responses to desiccation and hypoxia in C. elegans

Carl Modes

Biophysics, Systems Biology, Computational Biology

Theory of complex networks • Applied topological and geometric methods • Theoretical biophysics • Theory of soft matter • Numerical methods and simulations

Gene Myers

Computational Biology, Optical Engineering, Systems Biology, Computer Science

NGS sequencing and assembl • High throughput microscop • Image analysis / interpretation of microscope data sets • Customized control systems for microscopy • Algorithms and efficient use of computer hardware

André Nadler

Cell Biology, Biochemistry

Organic synthesis & chemical probe development • NMR spectroscopy • Lipid biochemistry • Photoaffinity probes • Live cell photoactivation experiments • Live cell imaging
Gaia Pigino

Cell Biology, Biophysics, Computational Biology

3D electron microscopy and various techniques for TEM (plastic embedding, high-pressure freezing, freeze substitution, negative staining, ultramicrotomy, etc.) • cryo-electron microscopy • cryo-electron tomography, sub-tomogram averaging, and single particle • correlative light- and electron-microscopy • Immunolabelling and immunogold labelling • TIRF microscopy • single molecule tracking  • cell culture  • flagella and cilia isolation • purification of axonemal protein components

Steffen Rulands


Statistical non-equilibrum physics • Stochastic processes • Monte Carlo simulations • Statistical inference • Analysis of next-generation sequencing experiment

Ivo Sbalzarini

Computational Biology, Computer Science, Systems Biology

mesh-free discretization schemes for partial differential equations • Bayesian bio-image analysis • parallel high-performance computing • bio-inspired computation • image-based modeling and simulation of biological processes in space and time

Andrej Shevchenko

Proteomics, Lipidomics

Mass spectrometry • Shotgun lipidomic • LC-MS/MS

Jacqueline Tabler

Developmental Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics

Ex vivo imaging of mammalian tissues • Quantitative microscopy • Mammalian genetics • Primary cell culture

Dora Tang

Synthetic Biology, Biophysics, Materials Science

Protocell models • High pressure for soft matter • Cell free expression • Biophysical characterisation • Microfluidics

Pavel Tomancak

Developmental Biology, Bioinformatics

Light sheet microscopy • Biological image analysis • Image-based genomics • Transcriptomics

Nadine Vastenhouw

Developmental Biology, Genetics, Systems Biology

Molecular biology such as cloning, (q)PCR, ChIP, and Western blotting • Genomics approaches such as RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and ATAC-Seq • Zebrafish techniques such as transplantations, injections, in situs  • CRISPR mediated mutagenesis

Christoph Zechner

Computational Biology, Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology

Stochastic models of molecular networks • Statistical inference & learning • Molecular computing & nanotechnology • Signal processing & adaptive systems

Marino Zerial

Cell Biology, Computational Biology, Systems Biology

Synthetic biology • High resolution imaging • siRNA delivery systems for functional genomics • Image analysis and data extraction • Mathematical modeling • Systems biology, physics and theory


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