Guidance & Mentoring

We promote early independence and support pioneering minds to succeed in science by integrating them into an ambitious research program, providing dedicated mentoring, a collegial environment, and a unique infrastructure.

Thesis Advisory Committees

Our PhD Students and their research all benefit from the input of the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC). TAC members offer high expertise, broad experience, and dedicated guidance. They meet with the PhD student regularly to give feedback on progress and performance, and advise how to accomplish ambitious research aims. The TAC complements the day-to-day supervision by the PhD student’s main group leader. Should any conflicts arise, TAC members are also available for resolving disputes.

Thursday Tutorials

Our approach to integrating biology, physics and computer science is also mirrored in our international Thursday Seminars. We mentor first-year PhD students towards confidently discussing cross-disciplinary research in a public forum with distinguished scientists through our Thursday Tutorials. Interdisciplinary teams formed by 2 PhD students will - guided by a dedicated tutor - prepare a 20 minute presentation to introduce the week's seminar topic. The goal is to bridge the gap between the basic textbook level and launchpad for the fresh and detailed insights to be shared each week. The remaining time is reserved for discussion with the guest speaker. Thursday Tutorials present a fantastic opportunity for in-depth research discussions with international scientific leaders, and provide a unique glimpse into future research in the field.


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