Scientific Research & Creativity

The scientific work in our institutes forms the backbone of our program. Guided by dedicated research group leaders, our PhD students conduct top-notch research, gradually gaining independence to achieve their potential in a fast-paced but supportive environment. Curiosity, creativity, and diversity are key to our program philosophy, where collaboration tears down silos to break new ground. We aim to understand the molecular mechanisms and underlying principles of how biological systems work, and catalyze new technology through that understanding. Formal classes take a backseat to the forward-thinking, innovative approaches generated in the labs, where we strive for disruptive discoveries.

Our Predocs have access to shared facilities and expert scientific services, helping them to push the border of science. We encourage our Predocs to interact and to take ownership of their own education, steering the curriculum and facilitating many special events.

“The interdisciplinary science was just great. I had two supervisors, a concept which I continued in my postdoctoral experience. There are only few places in the world which compare to MPI-CBG in terms of community spirit and creativity.”

Alba Diz-Muños was jointly supervised by Ewa Paluch and Carl-Philipp Heisenberg, and graduated in 2011. Since April 2016, Alba is an independent research group leader at EMBL Heidelberg.


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