Join the IMPRS CellDevoSys!

Our IMPRS trains young researchers who see their future in science. Our core program is for top-notch candidates pursuing a doctoral degree. But there are multiple opportunities to get to know us at different stages of your education:

Candidates expecting or holding an excellent University Degree may directly apply to seek admission to our PhD Program.

Apply starting September 2017!
For motivated undergraduate students looking to add a truly exciting research experience to university studies, we offer Student Research Internships.Apply starting September 2017!
Our Summer School invites undergraduate students to learn to apply their computational/quantitative background to biological systems.
Bachelor and Master students may seek suitable thesis projects in one of our research groups in line with the regulations of their home University.
Upon nomination by a hosting group leader, University graduates may join us as Predoctoral Guests prior to applying to our PhD Program.


2018 PhD Positions

Application Opens: Sep 2017

Application Closes: Jan 2018

Interview Week: 5 - 9 March 2018