Our Predocs often tout community as one of the top advantages of our program. Our Predocs become part of a number of networks, locally and worldwide.


All of our PhD students become part of an engaged, cohesive community.


Even after leaving, former PhD students and group leaders stay connected.

Dresden International PhD Program

The larger research community under the umbrella of the DIPP synergizes beyond institutional borders including access to excellent resources at the TU Dresden.

Biopolis Dresden Campus

The many life science research facilities located in Dresden are rich with collaborative possibility.

Max Planck

We are all part of the Max Planck Network, and enjoy many related advantages.

“There are open doors, no barriers – it’s almost unreal. I was most impressed by the friendliness and easy interactions. We still keep in contact!”

Robin Klemm worked in the group of Kai Simons. He graduated in 2007 and is now a Research Group Leader at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.


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