Communication & Networking

Today’s world-class scientists also need to be excellent communicators. Consequently, our Predocs have several opportunities to hone their skills outside the laboratory, learning how to discuss scientific literature, explain complex concepts, wordsmith manuscripts, and promote their discoveries. Predocs may select enrichment courses from the offerings of the Planck Academy or the Graduate Academy of the TU Dresden to complement their research training.

Research Seminars

Predocs of the IMPRS-CellDevoSys participate in two major weekly seminars: 

  • The International Thursday Seminar Series at MPI-CBG hosts internationally renowned researchers who present top-notch science. In a complementary initiative, first-year Predocs offer tutorials that present background information and prepare for the research seminars.
  • The Internal Friday Seminars is a forum where Predocs and Postdocs present their own work to a large audience. Predocs present twice during their thesis work: an initial 10-minute outline of the project within the first year, and a final 20-minute presentation of the results towards the end of thesis work.

Journal Clubs

Journal Clubs and discussion rounds are an integral part of scientific training.  We host these in several disciplines to keep abreast of scientific developments.  In these discussions, our students absorb the analytical skills to critically review scientific publications. 

“Communication was key for developing scientific ideas and projects. I enjoyed the numerous opportunities to discuss, whether just over coffee or in a more formal setting. The diverse community was always friendly, approachable and ready to collaborate.”

Magalie Lebreton-Traoré completed her PhD thesis work in Temo Kurzchalia’s group in 2008. She now works as a programme specialist at UNESCO in Paris, France.


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