Open Courses

We strive to meet the needs of our PhD students with a rotating roster of courses, to that they can learn a wide spectrum of skills, from the basics of new branches of science to advanced methods in their field of expertise. Below please find a listing of recent courses, as well as current open courses. Active IMPRS-CellDevoSys PhD students are welcome to register via the relevant links.


2018 Course Offerings

Title FormatLecturer Dates
Introduction to Image Analysis with ImageJ/Fiji WBenoit Lombardot & Robert Haase, MPI-CBG Scientific Computing Facility 19 – 21 Feb 2018
Statistical Inference WChristoph Zechner 12 – 28 Mar 2018
Principles in Developmental Biology LElisabeth Knust, Jacqueline Tabler 27 Mar – 19 Jun 2018
Programming Basics for Biologists WFlorian Jug & Pavel Tomancak 9 – 11 Apr 2018
Introduction to Spatiotemporal Modeling and Simulation of Biological Systems LIvo Sbalzarini 9 Apr – 2 Jul 2018
Principles of Light Microscopy WJan Peychl and MPI-CBG LMF 16 – 20 Apr 2018
Data Analysis and Visualization with R WIan Henry & Holger Brandl, MPI-CBG Scientific Computing Facility 23 – 25 Apr 2018
Advanced Light Microscopy WNicola Maghelli 4 – 5 Jun 2018
Introduction to Physical Concepts in Biology LCarl Modes 3 Jul – 9 Aug 2018


Applications are welcome anytime.