14 September 2021

THESIS DEFENSE | Suryanarayana Maddu Kondaiah

"Data-Driven Modelling and Simulation of Spatiotemporal Processes with a View Toward Applications in Biology"

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25 May 2021

THESIS DEFENSE | Anjalie Schlaeppi

"Multiscale imaging and quantification of rapid cardiac dynamics in living zebrafish embryos"

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11 May 2021

Summer School in Protocell Models

Virtual event exploring Coacervates and Vesicles 5-8 July 2021

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7 May 2021

THESIS DEFENSE | Romina Piscitello-Gómez

"Multiscale interplay of cell polarity and tissue mechanics in the robust process of Drosophila wing morphogenesis"

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27 April 2021

AWARDS | Otto Hahn Medal to Milena Schuhmacher

Max Planck Society recognizes IMPRS-CellDevoSys graduate for outstanding scientific achievements

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4 March 2021

THESIS DEFENSE | Kseniia Nikitina

"Machine learning methods for genomic high-content screen data analysis applied to deduce organization of endocytic network"

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4 March 2021


"Novel aspects of insulin signaling underlying growth and development in Drosophila melanogaster"

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22 February 2021

THESIS DEFENSE | Ceciel Jegers

"Ded1p in the heat of evolution - A molecular characterization of stress-induced condensate assembly"

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7 December 2020

THESIS DEFENSE | Johanna Dickmann

"Formation of long-ranged morphogen gradients by cell-to-cell relay"

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27 November 2020


"Characterisation of enzymatic reactions in coacervate-based synthetic cells"

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